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I started Sourcecode in 1991 to challenge myself as a developer and business man. I wanted the freedom to follow my passion where ever it might lead. There was never any thought to expand or take on other employees. Since 1991 I have  been involved in a variety of projects with many companies offering expertise in areas including:

*    All manner of ServiceNow design, development, customization, and administration.

  1. * VB/C#.Net, ASPx.Net, C/C++, linux and QT, Java and Javascript.

  2. *Database design and programmatic interfaces for Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Microsoft Access and others as well as deep experience with the accompanying database utilities such as Enterprise Manager and WorkBench.

  3. *Real-time Windows multi-threaded services for communications and database interactions.

* Graphical User Interface (GUI) design and implementation using WinForms, WPF and other frameworks.

  1. *Design, planning, implementation, and maintenance (SDLC) of custom applications integrating elements such as database, GUI, communications and report generation.

  2. *Design and implementation of ASPx.Net ‘web portals.’

  3. *All Windows work has been accomplished within the Visual Studio IDE and associated source code vaults and Installers (i.e. MSI.)

  4. *Netbeans based Android smart phone and tablet applications.

  5. *Particular expertise in designing and developing iris-recognition applications.

Other areas of expertise include implementing infrastructure software to automate manual processes and “real-time,” embedded (microprocessor, micro-controller) software development.


Designed, developed, and maintains a complete theater ticket selling software bundle of applications. Ticket Selling Software

Designed, developed , and maintains a complete Food and Clothing Assistance bundle of applications. Card Swipe Program (CSP)

Numerous dotNet-desktop applications and ASP.Net web interfaces requiring GUI, database, security, and communication interdisciplinary skills.

Complete desktop and web-based biometric systems employing iris and fingerprint biometrics (as a consultant to Panasonic, IrisID Systems formerly LG Iris, Bank of New York Mellon, and IDENTIFiD)

Lead designer/developer for the PEARLS Iris Recognition system (unfortunately no longer offered by Panasonic.)

Co-designer/developer for an Iris Recognition system being employed by the U.N. along the Pakistan/Afghanistan border.

Designer/developer for an Iris Recognition system (Client, Server, TCP/IP Comms, MySQL Database for a multi-vendor camera environment) currently being piloted.

Designed and developed a complete, multi-station (including secure internet sales) ticket selling management application.

Designed, developed, and sustained 5 PC-based Network Management products.

Designed, developed, and sustained 2 UNIX workstation-based Network Management products.

Primary contributor to the design and development of the architecture and software for a PC-based LAN Analysis product containing   

    Protocol decoding

    Statistical graphs

    Communications interfaces

    Proprietary hardware interfaces

Primary contributor for the system architecture and software design and development for a camera based, 2-D barcode scanner.

Primary contributor in the design and development of a complete demonstration system for an iris identification product. This included autonomous development of an SDK, a C/C++ API, the GUI, as well as working in the product’s embedded software to significantly enhance its capabilities. Also the sole contributor in the development of a complete “turn-key” solution utilizing the iris identification subsystem, and technical lead and team member for a "single camera" version. (U.S. Patent 6,064,752)

Design and development of a complete order-entry system containing:

    Ordering functions

    Invoicing functions

    Database functions for simplified storage and retrieval of customers, products,    orders, invoices, and tracking sold units, demo units, service replacements, and repair units

    Invoices, credit and other reports

    Product specifics such as price, cost of goods, serial number assignment and tracking

Design and development of a complete GUI and database system for managing high-stakes bowling tournaments including maintenance of a 50,000 contestant/member database, tournament-specific software to manage events and squad times, contestants and winnings, prize distribution and control, team management, as well as numerous reports and documents facilitating the complete operation of a high-stakes tournament.

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